Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Martin County West thats our name!!!

My wonderful, WONDERFUL mother decided that she would bring up a BIG tub of all my high school things to my house for me to keep so she could get rid of it. Now I just have more crap to put in storage. Riley and I were going through everything, and I will have to say that some of it was neat to see again!! Anyways, we were looking at all my sport stuff and decided Riley would look really cool if he wore all of my buttons from 7th grade on up, and he was sporting my softball hat too!! I always new he would pick the better school......MCW!!

Please don't click on any of the pictures to make them bigger, you will notice in some that I have HUGE glasses, braces and slicked back hair. Really Mom??? Did you really think I looked cute???? How embarrassing.

My little painter

Whos needs paper when you can paint on yourself???

And.....the clothes are off!

Recently Keegan has learned how to take his shirt off, its great! Not really. We went for a walk the other day and when we got home I looked at him and he had his shirt half off!! So, when you are driving through town and you happen to see a half naked 1 1/2 year old, don't be afraid, its just my boy. And YES, I do realize it is getting colder and he continues to run around with his clothes off.....if you don't like it, close your eyes. This boy is ALL HULKE.....I think he has been watching his Grandpa Rick one too many times. Lets keep the clothes on boys!!!

Fall Fun!

The other day Riley and I noticed a FEW leaves in our we decided to rake them and jump in them!! It was fun, even though there were hardly any to jump in (we only have one tree in our yard) but the boys enjoyed themselve!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


A little late on posting this....BUT, daycare went great last week!! When Chris and I went to drop him off on Monday he just stood there with his blanket and stared at us and everything around him! He got hit in the cheek on his first day...but other then that it went ok. Tuesday-Thursday were a little different, he cried and screamed when we got into the door :( They said after five minutes after I left he was fine. It is funny to walk in there and pick him up and see him sitting at a table and a chair eating taco salad. I still picture him as a 'baby' it breaks my heart!!! He has school pictures next week..HA!! They are kind of expensive for this age, or for all is actually kind of a joke, but how can you say no??! You can't.
I will post pictures later!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Forgot to mention....

A HUGE thank you to AJ for the wonderful outfit that Riley wore on his first day of school. He wouldn't of been as cute if it wasn't for you!! Thank you
(How was that AJ?)

my little 2nd grader

Riley had a great day in 2nd grade!! He told me that he would love school so much more if he could have Mr. Murphy be his teacher until he graduates!!! He has so many stories to tell about him already and we are only on day 3!! Excited to see what the year will bring!

Riley had decided that he wanted pancakes and bacon for his first day, so I made him just that. I even made the pancakes the shape of an "R" and a "2" I was so proud of them that I decided I would take a picture of Riley with his pancakes......only to find out that the camera was DEAD. :(
So I could not get any of him that morning. Chris and I always take him to his classroom on the first day of school too and get a picture by his locker......guess not this year. When he got home from school he had a completely different I had him change real quick so I could get some pictures, he wasn't too happy with me (What is new?)

He was so tired and crabby when he got home, it was hilarious!!! As you can tell from the first picture!! HA.

Riley, I hope you have a fabulous year!! I know you will do amazing. We love you!

I can do it...I can do it!!

We bought Keegan a potty chair yesterday and thought we would try it out!!! I have no intentions of starting to potty train, but just thought I would put it out so he becomes familiar with it!! He does let me know after he goes in his diaper, so that is why we bought it too!!! I am sure we will have this out for another two years!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bye Mom!!

I'm headed off to daycare.

Yes, it is true. After much talk, Chris and I decided to put Keegan into Daycare. PART TIME. He will start daycare at the school, and will go from 8-12 Monday through Friday every other week. I am proud to say that for 18 months I got to keep my baby home with me and spend every day with him. Some days were harder then others, some days we would both sit there and I would hold him and we both would cry. Some days trying to function on 2 hours of sleep isn't as easy as you think. It was easier when he was little, but now that he is a 'toddler' it isn't as easy. I work nine overnights in a row, 11pm to 7am. Chris and I both sacrifice so much to do what is best for our kids. As little sleep as I was getting, some nights weren't so good for Chris either. A part of me is nervous to let him go, a part of me thinks that I failed. But I need to remember it will be good for the both of us.... And little Keegan, you are going to make SO MANY new friends. We love you to the moon and back.

Watch out Nicollet Raiders....

Riley is coming!! He is outside playing/practicing football all the time. The big boys are teaching him a few things too!! He doesn't want to play touch football, he wants to get down and dirty and get right in there in all the action!! No matter what.....Riley, I will always be your #1 fan!!! And just wish you could where pads over your entire body!!

Rainy Lake

A couple weeks ago my mom and I packed up the boys and journeyed off in the car for a miserable six hour up to International falls to visit all of our family!! Keegan did not so much care for that long of a trip and didn't sleep a wink....ugh. But once we reached our destination we had a GREAT TIME!! We stayed with my aunt and uncle, Darlene and Babe, who have a beautiful house on Rainy Lake. We go every summer and it is always a nice time with too much, wonderful food!! Riley got to drive his first boat, and Keegan took his first boat ride. I think he liked it, he even feel asleep!! Babe took Riley and I out on the tube....he dumped me a couple times, I forgot how strong you need to be to ride on a tube!! I had a hard time getting back on the tube once I fell off......really, have you ever tried getting on a tube in the middle of a lake?? Not so easy. I had to swim to the boat and Babe grabbed my arm and by brother-in-law grabbed my leg and picked me up and got me back on!! Wasn't too attractive!! HA. I do want to thank Darlene and Babe for EVERYTHING....for letting all eight of us stay with you, for the great food, for the drinks and for the sweatshirt!! You have no idea how much we all appreciate you guys. You have been there for Mom, Amber, Summer and myself so much since my Dad has died and I can't express enough what it means to me. I know Dad appreciates everything you two do...... We love you!!!