Tuesday, December 30, 2008


On Christmas Day we noticed that Keegan has gotten his two bottom teeth!! And he is officially waving bye-bye now!! So cute! He is probably so confused by the whole deal because I make him do it all the time, constantly saying bye-bye to him...and he is no longer using his nuk. I am not sure why, but it kinda makes me a sad a little bit, I think they are so cute with that in their mouths and he seems to be taking more bottles without it, but I suppose it is easier now then it would be down the road!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

I know, you didn't get a Christmas Card or letter from us this year....so, consider this your Card and letter!! Next year I will be better, I promise!!
This year has been amazing!! I feel truly blessed for all that has happened in my life in 2008. Riley, as most of you know is in the first grade and doing amazing!! He is a math wizard, and from what I am told he takes after his Dad!! I still use my fingers to count! ;)
This last Summer Riley was a member of MAYBA, it is youth baseball through Mankato, that kept us very busy with two nights a week driving back and forth. I guess that is just preparing us for what is to come with him!
Riley continues to amaze us with how he interacts with his little brother. I was afraid with the age difference that he wouldn't want anything to do with Keegan, but Chris and I are always reminding him to not constantly have his hands on him!
Riley Howard makes us all so proud and I thank God everyday for that little man, he truly is something special and I do not know where I would be today without him!!
On April 9th, Chris and I headed into ISJ hospital in Mankato to be induced with our youngest child, Keegan Rick. He arrived at 7:20pm and was 8 lbs and 2 ounces, 21 inches long. It was a long day but it was all worth it! Keegan continues to make us smile and laugh all day! He is 8 1/2 months today and I still wonder where my baby went?!
Keegan was born a very content baby and still seems to be....he has been doing a good job with sleeping through the nights....he has given us a couple scares though. The first was when he got stepped on at two weeks and ended up with cracked ribs...WOW, the joys of parenthood, not a fun time!! He has recently been into the Dr. to be diagnosed with Impetigo, he pretty much looks like he has chicken pox all over his body....with all the sore, he still manages to be one of the cutest babies around!! I am glad we got that taken care of before the holidays!!
Chris is an Insurance Agent at AAA in Mankato, I think for the most part he does enjoy his job! He is great at what at what he does, and from what I hear....they have GREAT rates right now ;) Give him a call to get a free quote....(how was that honey?)
He is an amazing father and I love watching him with the boys....he will have such a huge impact on their lives, more then what he will know. Riley looks up to his dad so much and will stand by the door to wait for him to come home. After Chris leaves for work, Keegan will stare at the door and say "dada...dada" for about 20 minutes with the backwards bye-bye wave! It is cute!
As for me, I am happy. I have everything that I could want. I have two healthy boys, a healthy husband and great family surrounding me. I have recently changed my job and am currently working at ISJ hospital as a CNA, I work the overnight shift....11:00pm to 7:30am! I then stay home with the Keegan during the day and we wait for Riley at 3:15 to come home from school! I am so happy with what I do, I love helping people and just being there for them to talk to, to listen to them when they are scared and give them my hand and tell them everything will work out, it truly is an amazing job. After some talk with Chris, I think we have both decided it is time for me to go BACK to school....agh, after 10 years I will have to say that I am a little nervous, but it will be worth it! If all works as planned I will start the fall of 09 and and by 2012 will become an RN!
As you can see, 2008 has been good for us! And I hope for a great 2009 as well. I hope everyone a safe and happy holidays!!
Chris, Heather, Riley and Keegan

The boys meet Santa!

A couple weeks ago I took the boys out to see Santa! They both did really well, no tears were shed! I was worried the most about Riley not wanted to sit on his lap, but he got right on there telling him all of the WWE stuff that he wanted for Christmas! I love the picture when they are both looking at Santa...I thought for sure Keegan would pull that beard right off!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

First Snow!

Here was some pitures of Keegan when we had the first snowfall!! He LOVES being outdoors.....I can't wait to take him sledding! This morning when I went to drop Riley of at school I came back and walked in the door and he was in the entry way, he got really excited and said "MAMA, MAMA!!" and came crawling to me!! It broke my heart, my baby is getting to big to quick! Chris walked out the door and Keegan looked at the door and said "DADA" I think Keegan realizes now who is who!! We are teaching him Bye-Bye and he is getting really close to getting that one down too!! The only thing missing is teeth!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Its gone!!

Here are some new pictures of the Ri-man!! He finally lost his first tooth on Thursday!! He would not let anyone touch his tooth while it was loose....it really bothered me because the other tooth is was already 3/4 of the way in and it wasn't pushing the baby tooth out!! I better start saving now for braces.....UGH!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

8 months!!

8 months old ALREADY!! I really don't know where the time has gone....it just seems like yesterday that Chris and I were packing the bags to head to the hospital!! Keegan is still toothless but I swear they are coming!! He has been sick for a week, so I am praying that that is the reason!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Most Elegant!!!

Yes, I realize that this isn't a picture of Riley or Keegan. But it is a picture the cookies that Chris and I made at Bake day at his Mom's house in the cities on Saturday. Every year some of Chris' uncle and aunts come to his Moms and we make cookies all day....everyone has to bring two recipes and have to double the batch so everyone has some to bring home!! We started at 10am and I think the last of the cookies were done at 6pm, when everyone is done they are all displayed in the dining room and everyone goes around to sample all of the cookies...awards were giving out for, most original, best tasting, and most elegant, there was a surprise award given out for "BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME"
Jeff and Shelia Grunst won best tasting on two of there cookies, really I think we just gave it to them because they had so far to drive....
Dood Grunst recieved the award for most original on his Popcorn ball....YES, his popcorn ball, I was a little surprised too, again, I think he just got that one because he is old and they didn't want to hurt his feelings.
Better Luck Next Time went to Kathy Krohn....her cookies were simply just horrible, but dont tell her that...I think we all choked them down and then drank some Vodka straight from the bottle right afterwards to get rid of that awful taste!!! ;)
And of course there was no surprise when Chris and I won the award for "MOST ELEGANT"
we just simply know what we are doing when it comes to baking cookies!!
It was a fun day, I think I ate too much but it was all worth it!! Keegan was an amazing baby, I dont think we heard a peep out of him all night, he did fall in love with his Grandpa Stan...Stan has the magic touch when it comes to babies I guess...he held him and he feel asleep...it was so precious to see those two together...so a BIG thank you to Stan, for being my babysitter all day!! It really means a lot to all of us Hulkes.....
And of course Riley had a ball too, I think Chris and I saw him 5 minutes the whole day. He had his Uncles Seth and Sam to play with and his cousin Gage.....they have a Wii so of course they were glued to that like we were glued to the Vodka bottle after eating Kathys cookies!!