Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have a cute little boy!!

Even Benny Sapp from the Vikings, #22, would agree with me!!

Today my sister-in-law and my brother-in-law came down to meet me and the boys for lunch and then head over to the Vikings training camp!! We didn't really stay too long, it was extremely hot and I, of course, forgot the stoller and sun screen!! We got there really early and stood by a bunch of people yelling at the players as they drove past in their bikes of autograghs. We figured we weren't going to get any anyways so we decided to head to Cold Stone and get the boys ice cream before practice started!! Keegan had on a Vikings onesie with matching pants but it was so hot so I took his pants off and had him walk around in just his onesie and crocs, plus before we left Riley wanted his hair in a Mohawk so I did both their hair like that!! It was so cute, their Dad didn't really think so though!!! :)

Anyways, as we are walking to get ice cream, I was staring at Keegan and then I heard this voice say "Oh, he is so cute!!" I looked up and it was #22, Benny Sapp, a starter for the Vikings!! So I asked him then if he wanted HIS picture taken with KEEGAN, not the other way around!!! He kinda looked at me and said sure and turned his bike around and came over to me and grabbed Keegan and put him on his lap!! I am sure I looked like an idiot because I was laughing and yelling for Riley and Sam to get over here and get in the picture!! Keegan was screaming at one point, but Benny kept pointing out pictures to Keegan and eventually he quit crying!!! It was an amazing experience for the boys and AJ. So next time you are watching the vikings and you see #22 with the ball in his hand, picture that ball to be my son.

P.S. I am sure it was my sister-in-law, AJ, that caught his attention...not my cute little boy!!! :)


Riley and I decided to take a little trip to Valleyfair. My Mom, Sister and her daughter joined us for the weekend! We went up the night before and stayed with my sister-in-law, even though she had two mean cats, we managed to still have a good time. Monday morning we got up and AJ watched Keegan and the five of us headed to the park. We had so much fun!! Riley is now tall enough that he can go on every ride there!!! It was a blast and I can't wait for next year!

Keegan and his friend

Keegan had a friend over the other day!! Talan came over with his mom to have a play date. Besides Keegan biting him a bunch of times and Talan falling down the stairs twice, I think he had fun!! :)

10 year reunion!

The other weekend I had my 10 year high school reunion!! It was nice to see some of my classmates that I haven't seen in awhile!! Here are a few pictures of my and some of the girls from my class.