Friday, March 27, 2009

Full court....

Our basement is now a basketball court!! We have two big hoops so Riley can play more of a 'real' game! He is coming up with some amazing moves and is fun to watch but at times is a little annoying, with all the banging and yelling for him to watch out for Keegan it can be too much, but, I guess he is having fun and that is all that matters!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Senior pictures

Riley and I were practicing his poses for this senior portraits!! He wasn't too happy with all of the pictures that I was taking!! I think I was starting to get an evil look from him towards the end!!

Bad day

Sorry for the lack in updates lately. We have been very busy lately....we recently bought a house in Nicollet and our days/nights/weekends have been busy unpacking and cleaning. We are starting to paint tomorrow! Can't wait for that to be done. The boys are so thrilled about the house, but it has been a rough week for little Keegan.....he took a tumble down the stairs yesterday and the day before that I accidently shut his finger in the dishwasher, his finger nail is barley hanging on, I am sure he will lose it by the weekend!!
I will post pictures soon of the house!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I am 11 months old!!

Aren't I so cute?? It is so fun to see all of the new things that Keegan learns everyday! He loves shaking his head NO at you......he walks behind things.....he likes taking his pants or socks off....he likes finding any new toy to hit Riley in the head with! He is eating whatever we eat, some of his favorites are hot dogs, peas, pizza, pasta and any kind of bread!
Chris really wants us to get his haircut, I say ABSOLUTELY NOT. Chris went as far as getting a scissors and trying to cut it himself, Riley and I put a stop to that! He has a couple curls in the back and I want it to get a little shaggy first!
I went and bought a bunch of formula the other day, it kind of mad me sad because it will probably be the last formula that we buy :( He has started drinking 2% milk too! What a big boy...

Pictures of the boys

Here are some recent pictures of the boys!! Both getting bigger and with more attitude!! Riley has been sick AGAIN the last couple days with a temp any where from 100-102, so he is home with me today!! Keegan enjoys when Riley can stay home with him, that is his buddy!! This last picture was just taken a couple minutes ago....he doesn't look to sick, does he!?!