Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Boys!

Here is a picture of when they were this was probably taken three weeks ago! Ha! This picture was SO hard to take, I think it took ten times to get this pose. It was hilarious, I was laughing so hard at them! Keegan had another Dr's appointment yesterday and the final word is. Rota Virus, Upper Respiratory Infection AND Ear of today we are 4 days with a fever, but he is really happy when it stays around 101, compared to his 104.5. He isn't sleeping well now either...but it will be soon enough and he will be sleeping through the nights again! As for Riley, he is OK. He claims he doesn't feel good either, but that is only in the mornings when it is time to get up and get ready for school, go figure! I am not so sure what his deal is lately.....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sick, sick, sick.....

Our house has not been a happy house the last couple weeks. Last week Riley missed 3 days of school AND his valentines party at school, I felt so bad for him. He had a sore throat, cough and then Friday spiked a fever or Sunday he was a new boy and ready to start playing again!! On Monday Keegan started in with the cough and runny nose, by Tuesday he just wasn't himself, he would follow me where ever I went and was crying, he had a temp of 102 so I decided to bring him to urgent care, they told me that he had rota virus and to keep a close eye on him. We got home from urgent care and Keegan just laid on the floor not moving, his temp got to 104 so I hauled him into ER, by the time we got there his temp was up to 104.4 already which was high for a little boy.....we spent 3 lovely hours there until they sent us home!! He isn't doing too much better today, still have a temp of 102 and crying and sleeping but hopefully by tomorrow we will have all gotten over this....we go to see Dr. Knudson on Friday for a follow up!! I am ready for a new week!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Boring day in 1st grade...

This is what happens to Riley when he gets bored at school...he cuts his pants! HA! He kept telling us that they ripped but the line looked to straight and I finally got it out of him that he took his scissors and cut them!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Double Digits

Today Keegan is 10 months old. I am having a tough time with this one, my baby is getting so big. I wish I could hang onto this age forever. I called to schdule his one year appointment the other day, when they answered I hung up....I just can't believe that we are at that point already. He is a little character though, and a trouble maker already! Keegan loves dancing, he shakes his little butt and it is the cutest thing ever! Whenever he hears any music he starts dancing, then he cute!
These pictures were just taken a couple days ago, and are some of my favorites of him! He is wearing my t-shirt from when I was little, it has held up well in the last 28 years...but it is one of my favorites "International Falls, The ice box of the nation" and he looked adorable in it!

Friday, February 6, 2009


This is what I find Riley doing everyday after school....on the phone, with his Dad! He will sometimes sneak the phone and run into his room to call Chris at work. There are times when he calls Chris at least 6 times a day! I keep telling Riley to stop, so that is why he now sneaks the phone to his room to call him! I will ask him what they talked about and he tells me 'NOTHING' I guess it is a guy thing.....I will never know what my boys and their dad are talking about I guess, I will just stick to my cleaning and mind my own buisness!! :)