Monday, October 12, 2009

18 months!

Keegan had his 18 month check up today!! So glad to hear that he is all done with shots until his is in Kindergarten!! YAY.......
He did really well and of course Dr. Knudson says he is "Perfect" with quit the sense of humor!! He has labeled him as "Right brained" we were talking about his vocabulary. Keegan can say about 15 words.

1. Daddy
2. Hi
3. Uh-oh
4. Brother
5. Riley
6. Mama
7. Grandpa (Bapo)
8. Night, night
9. No, no
10. Whats that
11. Love you
12. Makes puppy noises all the time, even though he is deathly afraid of dogs!
13. Tree
14. Brrrrrrrrr.............

But he only uses Hi, Uh-oh and Daddy consistently. Dr. K said that children that are 'Right Brained' say a bunch of words but do not use them, that he is taking everything in and around age 2 to 2 1/2 they generally start just using sentences. He also said that 'Right Brained' people usually are very humorous and comical (Which I have been saying for the last 6 months) they are very artistic and they love music and love to dance!! All signs point to Keegan with what he described!! I would definitely say Riley would be 'Left Brained' it is all actually really interesting to learn about!!

Weight: 26 pounds and 4 ounces- 60%
Height: 33 inches- 75% (We have our basketball player!)
Head: 19 1/4 inches- 80%

Friday, October 9, 2009

Go Raiders!!!

This week was homecoming!! Who doesn't love homecoming??? Riley had a blast dressing up this week, we didn't do Monday because Riley was sick last Thursday and Friday so we weren't sure what the day was crazy hair day!! Tuesday was nerd day....I worried over that one, I just wasn't sure how to dress Riley as a nerd, since I am pretty hip and cool...but then I thought back to high school and I remembered what my sisters looked like every morning so then it was pretty easy. I went to grab my camera and wouldn't you wasn't working. Go figure. Welcome to my world. Wednesday was PJ day, man do I love that day. It cuts 15 minutes off our time in the morning!! Thursday was class color day, of course the 2nd graders had to be WHITE....agh, I was pretty sure he wouldn't come home that color!! And today was Raider day, I went and got blue hair color for Riley's hair and black paint to paint #12 (Shawn Murhpy) and #7 (Jordan Rudenick) on his cheeks, I went to get a picture and guess camera worked!! But now of course I cant get it to download. So there will be pictures shortly!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Saturday night fun!!

Saturday night I took the boys to McDonald's in St. Peter for supper and to play in play land!! We had a blast. I told Chris we need to do that once a month, the kids had so much fun!! We were there for a couple hours, an hour of that was Keegan eating!! :) I noticed that they had to be three to play, but I figured with Riley's help, Keegan would do fine!!! The first time going up Keegan had a lot of trouble and there was a line forming behind him, so Riley just pulled him!! HA, it was cute!! After that Keegan did just fine by himself. Riley made five friends in those two short hours!! As we were leaving all of them were high fiving each other and saying goodbye using first names!! Who knew you could have so much fun at McDonald's!?!?