Friday, June 12, 2009

My three boys!

Here are a few pictures of my favorite boys!!! The last picture is my absolute favorite.... Keegans famous line is "Whats that?" and of course he looked up and saw the ceiling fan and said "what's that?" and Chris and Riley both looked up at the same time!! I love it!

Take me out to the ball game...

Riley has started baseball!! YAY!!! He plays every Tuesday and Thursday in Mankato, so if you are ever in the area stop out and watch him play! He is AWESOME and loves to have fans!! After this week they throw away the Tee and have pitchers.... should be interesting, but Riley hits better off a pitcher then with the Tee, have I mentioned how awesome he plays..... you would be VERY impressed!! The picture of him holding the bat smiling at me?? Yeah, that was not an easy picture to get... and the only reason he is smiling is because I just got done threatening him that if he did not look at me and smile I would run out on the field!! I got a glare right before the smile :) And of course we can not go to a game without a bunch of snacks packed for Keegan!!

Wedding fun!!

Here are a few pictures from the wedding last weekend!! We went up to the cities to Tony and Beth Gleasons wedding!! It was a great time, AND the first time we have gotten rid of Keegan over night.....I was a little worried, but he was in great hands with Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Stan!! It was a beautiful wedding but of course I did not get pictures of the bride and groom!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our 2nd grader!

Here are a few photos of Riley!! Tomorrow is his last day of 1st grade, hard to believe that he is going to be in 2nd grade already!! He is the smartest little boy ever! Riley may have his moments, but he really has a heart of gold and always wants to make sure everyone is happy! Chris walked into his room the other night and Riley was sitting there looking at his year book from preschool and was crying, when Chris asked him what was the matter he looked up at him with tears running down his face and said "Dad, it is just so sad. I am growing up too fast and getting so big" when Chris told me that, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I am so excited to be able to stay home with this summer! We have lots of trips planned!! He started baseball this summer already.... two days a week again in Mankato, every Tuesday and Thursday! He has had 3 weeks of practice and it is amazing how good all of those little boys are, completely different from last year! This year they actually have a pitcher and are not hitting off the Tee! Should be interesting.... But I have no doubt in my mind that he will be hitting a home run every time!!

Trouble maker!!

So I know I have been horrible at posting latley!! I am making up by it with posting a lot of pictures!! Here are just a few of Keegan, our trouble maker...he is in to everything and if he knows he is not suppose to do it, he will look over at you to make sure you are looking before he pulls it off the shelf!! I got out the slip n slid a few times and the sprinkler for the boys..Keegan hates it when it is going, but as soon as you shut it off he is sitting in a puddle of water! I think I might go to Mankato tomorrow and look into buying him a little pool!! The picture of him looking out the window is something he does almost everyday when Riley gets home from school....he waits and looks out the window, and when he sees his brother walking up he gets really excited!!