Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mr. 3rd grader!

School started on Tuesday and Riley could have not been more excited!! Hard to believe he is already in third grade. Time flies by so quickly. He has changed so much in the last year, it is amazing to watch. Keegan on the other hand was not so excited about Riley going to school, he cried. Last weekend Riley went camping with a friend and when they drove off with Riley in the car, Keegan screamed and started chasing after the vehicle. Chris and I then went and bought a new mattress and gave Riley our old queen and Keegan got moved from his toddler bed to Riley's old twin bed. When we brought the twin into Keegan's room, he flipped out yelling "NOOO, RILEY'S BED" and crying. When I finally explained to him that we are not getting rid of Riley and that he got a new bed, he was fine!! Riley and Keegan have there moments with one another, but for the most part Riley is an amazing older bother and is over protective of his little brother. Riley, I wish you all the luck in the world this year in thrid grade and we are so proud of you! I know you will shine. We love you to the moon and back!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Where do I start?!?

It has been way to long, there has been too much stuff going on to even post about!! We had a fun April celebrating lots of fun things!! We had Keegan's 2nd birthday party and Riley's 8th birthday party on the same day, almost all of the family came and the boys had a blast! Its hard to believe that Riley is 8 already and almost in the 3rd grade!! I am thinking that 8 years old comes with attitude though :)
Riley is getting ready for Mayba this Summer again. He will be playing in Mankato on Monday and Wednesday evenings, that always gives us something to look forward too!! He just finished up basketball about a month ago, he played every Sat for about three months! I hate to brag, but mannnnn was he good!! We had the coach tell us so many times how great Riley was and that he had really good skills!! A coach down in Iowa saw him play too and was real surprised that he was only in second grade!!
And then there is Keegan...his name fits him to a T! "Little fierce one" that is all Keegan! He is always on the go and always causing some sort of trouble!! He used the potty chair last night, only because Riley helped him...but he still did it! He has been in a big boy bed for over a month now, it was really hard at first but he is finally used to it!! He had learned to crawl out of his crib so we had no choice :(
Chris and I both have different jobs now, our schedules are a little different and don't allow us much time together but in the end it will be work it!! Chris is the finance manager at KIA in Mankato!! And I just recently accepted a position as a Support Living Coordinator/Supervisor with the Harry Meyering Center, I no longer have to work NIGHTS, WEEKENDS OR HOLIDAYS!! YAY!!!! And I get to chose my own hours which is really nice, I don't think you can get any better then that!!
I will try and post some new pictures soon!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

2, 3, 5.....

Happy 2nd Birthday to our baby!! I can't believe how fast time has gone! If you ask Keegan how old he is, he will say three... we then say, no two! He yells back...NO FIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! So we leave it at that ;) I will post some pictures later on today!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 09

Sorry it has been two months since I have posted...... we have been without a computer so I have not been able to do anything!! We finally bought a new laptop a couple weeks ago!! Here is a picture of the boys I took the beginning of December for our family pictures.... the picture turned out really well!! I surprised we got one with everyone looking at the camera!
The boys had a wonderful christmas, I am glad it is all over with though!! My Mom came the Wednesday before Christmas eve and spent the night. Riley had his Church program on Christmas eve, after that we came home and ate the WONDERFUL meal that my mom and Chris was awesome!! Mom got stranding another night, we all had fun and enjoyed her company for three days!!! Christmas Day morning she got out and was able to make it back to Fairmont, we spent the day next door for the Hulke Christmas!! It was nice, and was better that we just had to walk across the yard!! Both boys were so fun to watch, Riley was thankful for everything and Keegan would open his presents and gasp at each gift he cute!!!