Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sleeping it off?

Keegan, who is still sick went to bed last night at is now 11:15 am and he is still sound asleep. I keep going in there every 15 minutes to check on him. Whatever he has, has really hit him hard and hopefully this 16 + hours of sleep will do him good and he is sleeping off all of his sickness.......

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This little boy......

Has had a bad month :( He has been sick for a month now..... He started out with Roseola, he had a temp of 104 and when it finally broke his little tummy and back broke out in a rash. His temp continued on and off throughout the next couple weeks and along with that came spots on his body....he had all together about 15 throughout his whole body. Started out looking like pimples and then turned into scab looking things. On Friday he developed a cough and his temp spiked back up that night. I told Chris I thought he had the Croup. On Saturday afternoon his temp was at 102, so I decided to take him to Urgent Care at the clinic. Bad idea. I always walk out of there with no answers.... They told me it was probably just viral...go figure. I worked Saturday night and on Sunday morning when I come home Chris said he was up all night coughing. Gave him some meds and just let him be lazy all day. Keegan and I fell asleep on the couch late afternoon, and when I woke up, Keegan was on fire..... his temp was 103, I came upstairs to get him some meds and Chris started yelling at me to come and check out Keegan, he was having a really hard time breathing....kind of struggling actually. The look on Chris and Rileys face made me panic. Chris was so worried and Riley was crying because he thought his little brother was going to die.... I threw him in the car and off the the E.R. we went. Sure enough, just like I diagnosed....THE CROUP and possible chicken pox. The gave him some steroids to open up his throat and airway to help him breath and monitored him for about an hour. He came home and he went right to bed....I came home from work on Monday morning and went to get Keegan and his was as white as a ghost and freezing cold, I am not sure what that was about but it sure scared me.....and now this morning, temp of 102. He is napping at the moment, but I am praying that he gets better soon. I disinfected the whole house today! Hoping it works. My poor baby.

Halloween pictures

Just a few pictures of A. Peterson and the little bear!! It started out nice, but towards the end Riley was begging me to go home, his hands were ice cold......


A couple days before Halloween we carved pumpkins!! It was fun, minus Keegan crying the whole time!! He tried eating the pumpkins, so we finally gave him a popsicle...that seemed to work great!! Riley had fun and won the award for 'best pumpkin!!"