Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Babies....

Here are a picture of the 3 boys on the Hulke side!! It is Keegan (7 months) Ben (5 months) and Brecken (3 months) Ben belongs to Tracy (Hulke) Stuewe and Brecken belongs to Ryan Hulke. I think we tried taking these pictures BEFORE nap time!! And Tracy explained it best in her blog, we should have taken the picture of the 5 adults behind the cameras trying to get all three boys to look up at the same time!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

More pictures!!

Just some random pictures!!

Hockey Season!

It is now hockey season so of course the sticks come out of hiding!! And they all have their own sticks too!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Too long....

Aghh...I know it has been awhile since I have last posted and I am sorry for that. I went out on Saturday night and got yelled at by Nikki Thompson for not updating everyday, so Nikki this one is for you!! It is so nice to hear people tell me that they read my blog, I sometimes worry that I am blogging and no one reads it besides Chris and myself! So thank you Nikki!!! :):)
The boys are doing great. Riley has had some attitude lately, I am thinking it comes with his age...but all of a sudden Mom is not the coolest person on earth, in fact, I may be the last on the list! Dad is still high up there, but Chris loves to get down and wrestle with him....Riley and I try, but it hurts...Riley is a tough little guy and I am just a wimp I guess!!
Keegan is learning and experiences all sorts of new things. He isn't a big fan of his high chair anymore, and he doesn't seem to like baby food either. But what he does love to do is sit on the floor and to eat Corn puffs, string cheese, gerber puffs, potatoes, scrambled eggs, stove top stuffing, potatoe salad, macaroni salad....and the list goes on!! I told Chris today maybe we don't have to buy baby food anymore, Keegan wants the REAL stuff!!!
He is getting better and closer at crawling, he can't get up on all fours yet but he does the army crawl really well!! He laughs at about anything you do and can't keep his eyes off of his Dad or brother. I think about how quick these last 7 months went and am hoping the next 5 slow down, I don't think I am ready for my baby to grow up! And I am not ready to have a 7 and 1 year old......that makes me sound really old, doesn't it!?!?
I will post some pictures tomorrow!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Look at me!!!

Look at me, I can stand!!! Ok, not really :) If we stand him next to things he will hold on for a minute or two but is pretty shakey!! Keegan is not close to crawling yet, which is fine with us!! The sooner he is crawling, the sooner we are baby proofing!! BUT, he is rolling everywhere gets into any cord he can find!! Riley never really crawled either, he rolled everywhere, so that is what I am expecting from Keegan as well!!!!

The Cow and the Alien

Here are the boys on Halloween!! They both had a great time and got lots of candy....this picture was taken after Trick or Treating so we had one tired cow and one hyper Alien!!