Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Could they be...


15 months

Last picture is my FAVORITE!! Isn't he just cute?? Anyways, we had Keegans 15 month appointment last week. He did really well! Had two shots and goes back when he is 18-20 months old and those will be the last of his shots for awhile!! YAY!!!
Height - 31 1/2 inches.... 65%
Weight - 25 lbs 11 ounces.... 67% Since birth, Keegan has been between 66-67% his Doctor said he has never seen a baby be so consistent!!

A few of the boys...

Here are just a few pictures from the last month!!! Everyday Riley and Keegan get closer....it is so precious to watch them both!! The best is the morning...Riley comes up the stairs and Keegan screams, he is sooo excited!! He runs up to him and throws his arms around him and then all the kissing starts!! Riley enjoys every minute of it!!

A little late...

Here are a few picture from Friendship days!! I know I am really late posting this...but I have had issues with our computer and just finding the time to download these!! Riley and Keegan LOVED all the rides!! Riley loved the tilt-a-whirl but hated the zipper that I MADE him go on!! I really wanted to go on it but didn't want to go by myself...I told Riley he would LOVE it...yeah, he cried the whole time!!! Keegan really enjoyed the cars, it was so cute!! He laughed the whole time!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

K-E-E-G-A-N spells TROUBLE.

I was cooking supper the other night and Riley and Keegan were downstairs playing. Riley had come upstairs and it sounded really quite downstairs for Keegan to be down there....I asked Riley why he left Keegan downstairs by himself...he said that he didnt that he was upstairs?!!? Chris and I went running to all of the rooms and Riley had downstairs and started SCREAMING for us to come down. We ran into the computer room and this what we found. Keegan climbed up the chair, into the desk and made himself comfortable on the lab top and at one point had the mouse to his ear like he was talking!!! It was so cute, but needless to say......the computer room door stays shut from now on!!

Sleeping beauty!

The other day Riley was at a sleep over at his friends house, he came home that next morning looking awfully tired....I had asked him to go and put something in Keegans room, after about 20 minutes of me yelling his name and trying to find him, this is what I found!! He crawled into K's crib and fell right to sleep!! It was so cute.....