Thursday, April 30, 2009

Keegan turns 1

Here are some pictures from Keegans birthday!! I don't have all of his pictures...or his first cake smashing. Very Sad. We took the boys to Chucky Cheese for their birthdays and got a hotel with a water park! We meet Chris family at Chucky all sorts of pictures of both boys opening their gifts, smashing the cake, riding a little horse...everything!! We left and realized that we didn't have the camera so I ran back there and it was GONE....I was digging through the garbage with crap all over my hands, bawling.... people where staring at me as I was looking through everything with tears running down my face :( Someone stole it. I had Keegans whole first year on that camera. I was heart broken, so was Chris. So that is why I don't have more pictures!! Chris did go out the next day and buy me another camera.... and I was thankful, but I will never get those pictures back.
So here are a few of the little man opening a few of this gifts and eating cupcakes!!! We made him spaghetti for of his favorites!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our two boys

Yes, we are still around!! We finally got around to downloading all the pictures from the new camera!! I have plenty of pictures to update from Keegans 1st birthday and Rileys 7th birthday!! But I thought these pictures were so cute I wanted to post them right away!!
Keegan is always thrilled to wake up to see his brother walk into his room, and lately the first thing he wants to do is go right into daddys room to go and see him!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Super Star!

Here is the main reason we went to the basketball game....Sam!! This is Rileys youngest and coolest uncle!! (Sorry Seth and Jeremy) Riley adores him and was so proud to watch him perform at the Timberwolves game, his face lit up when we walked onto the basketball game!! We were all so proud of Sammy!!! Way to go Sam, we are your #1 fans!!!


Here are a few pictures from the timberwolves game!!

1 year stats.

Keegan had his one year appointment today!! I don't know who had a tougher time, Keegan or Riley. Riley had to leave the room when the shots were given, he couldn't handle listening to Keegan cry :(
Keegan is doing well. He is in the 70 percentile for everything...weight, height and head. He weighs 23 lbs and is 30 inches. We had three shots and a finger prick, he hated all of it. So did I. the Dr. said "All done" to Keegan and Keegan looked at him and said "DONE!" I think Dr. Knudson was impressed!! Yay Keegs!!!
I would have some pictures to post of his birthday but we just got a new camera and I am not sure how to download the pictures yet, I will figure it out soon!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bad Blogger!

I am sorry for the lack in posts AGAIN! I am having some troubles downloading my pictures....and finding the batteries that were misplaced to get the camera to even turn on! Last Sunday we all jumped in the car and headed to the timberwolves game, it was the first game for Riley and Keegan! Riley was in heaven.... His new favorite, Kevin Love, gave Riley a 'fist pump' as we were standing nearly on the court, it might be one of the best moments in his life (so far) but the main reason we went to the game was to watch Rileys uncle (Chris brother) dance!! He dances after the first quarter for the beat squad...he was amazing and so talented! Sam was by far the star of the night!! I have tons of pictures of post from that day!!
This week is going to be a busy excuse me now if I don't get to posting until next week!! Tomorrow we are leaving to head up to the cities to stay in a hotel for the boys birthdays!! Keegan turns 1 on Thursday and Riley turns 7 next Thursday....after a day of swimming we will head to Chucky-Cheese, the boys should have fun!!